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[APD] Glosso & Ferts

Okay so I'm gonna buy some Flourish. I've seen some discussions, and so it's my summary that Flourish is a macro dosage, so i would also need a micro? and that it's also not really a fertilizer as it contains paticularly low amounts of things like nitrogen? so in addition to the flourish what do you guys reccomend for water column dosing of ferts? hope i'm nopt being annoying, just trying to be sure i fully understand.

ALSO, when i first got my glosso i lost a good deal of leaves as the LFS has insufficient lighting and it was yellowing. anyway all these little leaves came off and they floated on the surface. now they have little roots hanging down and are very slowly reproducing. just like duckweed except you can definitly tell it isnt duckweed and it grows so much slower. i've left them alone because they cover such a tiny amount of surface i doubt it affects anything. just wondered if anyone has also experienced this

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