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Re: [APD] Seachem Flourish 7 mr.barr

on Flourish.... can anyone explain to me why it contains
Chlorine? is that a trace? it's the first i've heard of
it. Just wondering.

There is no "chlorine" per se, there is "chloride" (the anion to the cationic trace metals). State agricultural laws dictate that the elemental name be used even if that is not the form of the element present... which unfortunately leads to confusion on the part of the consumer.

An unfortunate side effect to our products becoming more and more popular is that they are now coming up on the "radar" of nearly every state which forces changes to our product labeling that are not consistent with valid scientific principles IMHO. For example, we can't even sell Flourish Iron in Wisconsin because of the opinion of a single individual in the state agricultural agency there, e.g. his opinion that aquatic plants don't need iron added to the water based on his supposition that water in the state of Wisconsin probably has enough so most would see no benefit. So because some may potentially see no benefit they find it necessary to ban its sale for _all_ in that state. I simply do not understand their twisted logic. Anyway... I'll get off my soap box... for now ;-)

-Greg Morin


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