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[APD] Re: Substrate Heating

Bill W. writes:

>If you distribute the heat evenly then you won't get convection currents.

Correct-o-mundo.  Lower heat gradients will cause conductive heating
without currents.  Higher gradients will cause convection currents.  Even
higher gradients will cause turbulence, aka boiling.  Watch a pot of water
go from cold to boiling sometime. Put a neutral bouyancy object in the
water and watch what happens.

The problem is that a substrate is a very complex medium and there are no
convenient mechanical engineering tables to tell us what heat gradient is
"good".  So the usage of heating cables is a religious thing, i.e.,
mindless belief and pointless ritual.  I believe and have done the ritual.
 Heating coil infidels like Scott and Tom scoff.

Scott H. writes:

>If I recall correctly, a
>couple of folks have measured slight tempreature diffs very
>near and inbetween high wattage coils.

I measured a 5 degrees C differential.  A bit more than "slight", IMHO.

>If there is current,
>it could be the same water going back and forth without
>mixing in the water column -- who knows?

Warmer water would tend to rise, not go back and forth, IMHO. Or did you
mean recirculate within the substrate without bringing in water from above
the substrate?

>And if there are
>currents, it woud seem they are not strong enough to make a
>diff in plant growth

I've never claimed better plant growth. I claim long term stability. I see
no difference in plant growth.

>And if there are significant currents it could
>be as some have suggested, only if the coils cycle
>frequently and do not run constantly.

As is the case with high wattage coils, ala Dupla (RIP).

>I suggest they can't both be right but they could both be

Or they could both be right in different ways.  A warm substrate with no
currents will still speed up biological processes.

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