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[APD] barley straw

>From what I've read the pond folks have good success with barley straw.
Perhaps its high in carbon and low in protein (nitrogen) and thus
stimulates aquatic plant growth or perhaps it stimulates the rotifer
populations. I've heard it works well for infusoria cultures.

We have to be careful because pond dynamics are different from aquaria.

> It's things like Duckweed, bladderwort, Riccia that piss me off real

LOL! For me these are fairly easy to control because they can be removed
by hand.

I can grow plants to beat stink but I simply don't have spare hours to
spend pruning and picking out huge clumps of filament algae or leaves
covered with Oedogonium on a weekly basis. I'm going to give your method
a fair shot on my new tank. I have the CO2 cranked up on all my tanks;
right now they are probably P limited.

Perhaps we should add to the list for fighting algae:

5) keep illumination at the appropriate level (not too strong, not too
weak; tuned for the needs of the species in the tank)

Steve P

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