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[APD] Re: Substrate Heating

Bill said,

"If you distribute the heat evenly then you won't get convection currents. ...If you evenly heat the entire substrate, the water won't move since there won't be any localized areas of hot/cold."

So you would have a warm layer under a cold layer?


Well, I meant the water in any given area of the substrate wouldn't move with respect to other areas in the substrate. I'm assuming the temperature of the *entire* substrate will rise at approximately the same rate as the water column.

The point I was trying to get at was that if you don't have areas of localized heating in the substrate (which are only obtained with the heating coils), then you won't have convection currents *within* the substrate drawing nutrients in/out/through the substrate. That's the usual "good thing" said about heating cables, so that's what I'm referring to in my example.


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