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[APD] RE: CO2 and BGA

Tom said:

"You might slap your head. What do plants do during the daylight? Remove
CO2=> Causes the pH to shoot upwards. Measure the pH on a fully planted non
CO2 tank."

Thanks for your advice.  It is always useful and thought provoking.  But in
the hypothesized case - essentially a soil substrate, 2 wpg, new tank,
plants not growing much if at all - I suspect that there wouldn't be much
variation in the average of the
diurnal CO2 concentrations for the first weeks.  Later, sure.

I also suspect that the change in the day-to-night CO2 concentrations would
be small in such a tank compared to a high tech environment, since the
plants would be growing at a much slower rate.

So in this case, control of water column nutrients and a dose of patience
would be the only way to treat the algae problem in this case, I would


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