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[APD] Re: Filters

>No. I 'm not saying you should have a trickle filter.
>saying a larger filter is not your answer. It has more
>do with what you put in your tank, not how much stuff
>collect in a canister. IF too much detritus is
>then the fact that you get a bigger canister to store
it in
>(while it's still in the water system) won't make the
>any cleaner of organics or or ammonia, etc. You'd
>be beter off doing water changes and avoiding the fert

oh i see what you meant now. i apologize.
should i test on a scehdule for while without dosing
ferts to see what my livestock and whatnot adds in the
way of natural ferts and then try to figure the dosing
on top of that you think? or am i just getting to
analyticl about this?
i do changes of about 30% every weekend should i up the
%? yeah i realize now that i ought to be dosing in the
water column rather than the substrate as it seems to
make little difference either way.

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