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Re: [APD] re: filters

No. I 'm not saying you should have a trickle filter. I'm
saying a larger filter is not your answer. It has more to
do with what you put in your tank, not how much stuff you
collect in a canister. IF too much detritus is developing,
then the fact that you get a bigger canister to store it in
(while it's still in the water system) won't make the ater
any cleaner of organics or or ammonia, etc. You'd probably
be beter off doing water changes and avoiding the fert

You've found APD, it's time to do some research -- jsut
type in gw or green water and see what's there. But the
gist of it Tom has given you.

--- ian flores <URVILLE at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> >Getting a larger filter will allow you to collect
> detritus
> >in the filter for a longer time before the water flow
> >becomes restricted. Other than that, a larger filter
> isn't
> >going to help a lot, imo. As long as the material is in
> the
> >filter, it's essentially the same as being anywhere
> else in
> >the water system and subject to the same biological
> >activity, shedding the same disovled organics, etc.  A
> >larger trickle can provide more biological activity
> because
> >of increased gas-water mix but a larger cansiter is
> more
> >like a larger collection bin -- the trash is still in
> the
> >house until you take out the trash can and empty it.
> see i didnt go trickle after extensive research because
> the gas/exchange would eat up all my co2
> i'd diy a trickle if i thought it could be used, in fact
> i preferred it and i had all the stuff i needed to make
> one.
> instead i made a diy canister out of a whole house
> filter, i use fluval coarse sponge and shotgun wads and
> poly floss.
> this is what i mean... it's like 50/50 split and so
> there no real reference to rely on for knowledge.
> ian
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