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[APD] re: filters

>Getting a larger filter will allow you to collect
>in the filter for a longer time before the water flow
>becomes restricted. Other than that, a larger filter
>going to help a lot, imo. As long as the material is in
>filter, it's essentially the same as being anywhere
else in
>the water system and subject to the same biological
>activity, shedding the same disovled organics, etc.  A
>larger trickle can provide more biological activity
>of increased gas-water mix but a larger cansiter is
>like a larger collection bin -- the trash is still in
>house until you take out the trash can and empty it.

see i didnt go trickle after extensive research because
the gas/exchange would eat up all my co2
i'd diy a trickle if i thought it could be used, in fact
i preferred it and i had all the stuff i needed to make
instead i made a diy canister out of a whole house
filter, i use fluval coarse sponge and shotgun wads and
poly floss.
this is what i mean... it's like 50/50 split and so
there no real reference to rely on for knowledge.

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