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[APD] Re: GW algae and ferts (re Mr.barr)

it worked but only minimally t's like the blackout only
set it back that many days.
the aponogeton suffered the worse from the blackout i
did notice the glosso was beginning to grow up but
i could not find one algae killing product that was safe
for use with live plants. at the lfs though my friend
and longtime tank owner advised i try velvet guard by
jungle products. he said that the mfgr makes no claims
but the one time he had GW the velvet guard took care of
it. so i thought i'de try it it cant hurt. i hate to
think this is the aforementioned snake oil, but i cant
see putting any of the copper based algacides in there
when they specifically say not to.

>See PAM managzine and TAG magazine. I think there are
some artcles that
>discuss it.

are these print magazines? i looked but noone in my area
store wise has ever heard of them.

the 80 watts i run are standard fluorescents, and i
would love to see your GW info.

you know it says right on the stick package that it
contains low phosphorous. and in the  analysis on the
back it states:
dont these help cause algae
available phosphate 9% P2O5
soluble phosphate 12% K2O
then it says  in addition to other things like boron and
what not:
total nitrogen 16%
ammoniacal nitrogen 7.5%
nitrate nitrogen 8.5%
it's all slow release for a year, and there eight of
these sticks
would this cause it to seem like i was having an ammonia
or nitrite spike i havent tested but i just noticed that
ammoniacal nitrogen

TMG? i KNEW i should have gotten flourish and i was
going to, but... geez.
so i can dose flourish and be getting everything i need?

>I have to agree with you 110%.
>I plan on a section for my book on pruning, fluffing,
planting, spacing,
>density and other things folks always seem to overlook.
>Many new folks think you put the plants in there and
they should grow into
>an Amano tank and stay that way
>I just rip up the the entire section, clean and remove
any detritus,
>carefully pick and preen each plant, remove any dead
leaves and replant
>roughly 1" apart. I plant from the middle of ther group
and move outward. I
>leave about 2" between another group of plants for grow
out. Errant runners
>are hacked off and replanted in the center or another
tank or off to market
>for sale.
i did go through removing old and browning leaves and i
rinsed them out in water change water when i bought them
then i split the whole mat in two plated in the general
region i wanted it assuming later i would have to cut
runners and plant in a fan in the areas i wanted it to
go and also by doing so keep it OUT of areas i didnt
right? thats what you mean? or did you mean seperate the
shole mat and plant across the whole region desired?
i assumed the same for glosso. the other plants i have
are easily controlled all taller backgrounds. its to be
glosso up front followed by the microswords. i did it so
it was wider to thinner from right to left and then
planted one side from the front corner along to the back
and across with taller backgrounds all this around
driftwood and then i planted a dwarf stellata in the
middle as a center piece. theres some dwarf papyrus too
as an experiment. i cut usually older lower growth and
old apono flower stalks the rest has yet to reach
surface everything is doing well even glosso, excet for
this cherry hedge is just stays the same, no death no

i didnt factor in anaerobic pockets which is my fault
and i'm debating adding a substrate heater to help keep
lower levels from turining the grey they have been
lately. any thoughts?

i run my co2 at 15 ppm and i change water every weekend
30% at least.

thats all i can think of... man...

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