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Re: [APD] Driftwood rotting, causing problems?

I think so, especially if it is noticeably soft and even
more so if it smell of rot.

There might be some hollows in it that are the problem, or
it might jsut be a bum piece. The aquariumdriftwood stock
isn't in my limited experience especially hard material to
begin with, which is why the loricaridae love it so much. I
have small pieces go bad but not large ones. But there's no
reason a large one couldn't aslo go bad. In general, it
doesn't seem to last as long as the african stuff.

--- Carlos Sanchez <tsunamicarlos at hotmail_com> wrote:

> Hello,
> In mid-September, I purchased two large centerpieces from
> aquariumdriftwood 
> for my 55g aquarium. By mid-October, the driftwood began
> to emit a sulfurous 
> stench from the water and several parts of both pieces
> (especially those in 
> contact with the substrate) are becoming soft to the
> touch. Another 
> disturbing fact is that this aquarium has failed to 'take
> off' so to speak, 
> with many of the Cryptocorynes (balansae, wendtii
> 'green', affinis, wendtii 
> 'Mi Oya')  showing slower than normal growth. The
> epiphytic narrow leaf java 
> ferns and Bolbitis lying on on the wood are doing even
> worse.
> I have 2wpg power compact lighting, pH controller from
> Milwaukee, and have a 
> hefty bioload in this aquarium consisting of Peruvian
> scalare, a breeding 
> pair of pearl gouramis, school of panda cories, a wood
> shrimp, and a trio of 
> blue rams (it was supposed to be a pretty permanent
> planted aquarium).  I'm 
> only dosing Flourish, Flourish Iron, and K+ since
> experience dictates that 
> at this lighting level, the plants should not need any
> extra N or P to grow 
> well with such a bioload.
> As a whole, the aquarium is getting dirty very rapidly
> with the canister 
> filter needing maintenance every couple of weeks. This
> was not happening 
> before.
> Is the driftwood behind causing these symptoms in my
> aquarium? If so, is it 
> the responsibility of the seller to replace or refund
> such pieces?
> Sincerely,
> Carlos
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