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[APD] RE: a pretty package

> >Some clown will come along at some point and start selling organic plant
> >fert's w/o NH4/Urea sometime soon and charge 2x as much.
> >Might be awhile, but it'll happen.
> >Actually you can do that right now, use the "mulm" from an established
> >
> >I guess I should sell "mulm" for 2x the cost of fert's.
> >I could be that clown:-)
> First you need to dry it and make little granules, then come up with some 
> dosing instruction and a really fancy label. And of course don't forget
> tell people how it magically will solve all their aquarium plant
problems! ;-)
> Some of the products out there I swear are just water in a pretty
>       -Bill

Mark Weiss's Living Water Vital was just that.
Maybe I should make:

 "Tom's Super Charged Bacto Balls of Fire. New 30 year research project
makes break through.New reseach from the University of Florida's aqautic
research unit suggest a link between plants, bacteria and nutrients. 
Researcher Tom Barr has found a novel process for fertilization and using
bacteria to supply nutrients to plants. Using his propietary secret
process, he has once again been able to supply aquarist with the newest
best possible way to start a new tank and get the bacteria to do the dosing
for you! Please send 29.99$ for a 3 month supply."

Add pretty tank pics, flashy colors on the bottle.
Tom Barr

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