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         I found this plant in the paddies. I have never seen it before in 
> books or the net.

See "Chara"
It's an alga that looks like a plant.

>          It grows well in full sunlight and rich clayish soil. I am not a 
> botanist but is this a fern? Seems to have whitish roots like a mat which
> thought was hair algae..
>  The stem is delicate and snaps easily. Each whorl has 10 leaves 
> and the leaf has some orange growth like a micro mini flower. The stem is 
> transparent green and older stems and leaves have a white and green 
> variegated look. On closer look with a magnifier the stem and leaves have
> white coating or growth on the outside at regular intervals that gives is
> pretty variegated look.

This is marl(Carbonates).

 You can see it starting in this picture.
>          http://www.qsl.net/vu2zap/aquaplant.jpg
> Regards
> -- 
> Raj, vu2zap

If it smells bad and has a distinct order, it's Chara.
It grows worldwide and I've found it in the middle of the desert, to
tropical rainfiorest. 
Very common.

So why is this an "alga" and Riccia a "plant"?

Tom Barr

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