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Re: [APD] on all the algae talk

--- ian flores <URVILLE at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> . . .in this 29 gallon with 80 watts of light i have
> greenwater and i'm currently subjecting it to a blackout
> of about 3 days. . . .
> i have also noticed that in this large of a planted tank
> if i wait a month to clean my canister it is filthy, i'm
> wondering if i shouldnt up the size, and i have maybe 8
> fish in this tank all small fish under an inch. . .

Getting a larger filter will allow you to collect detritus
in the filter for a longer time before the water flow
becomes restricted. Other than that, a larger filter isn't
going to help a lot, imo. As long as the material is in the
filter, it's essentially the same as being anywhere else in
the water system and subject to the same biological
activity, shedding the same disovled organics, etc.  A
larger trickle can provide more biological activity because
of increased gas-water mix but a larger cansiter is more
like a larger collection bin -- the trash is still in the
house until you take out the trash can and empty it.

Otoh, if you filter flow is become too restricted too
quickly, a larger container of media can maintain flow
longer. Certain Eheim models are ironic exceptions -- the
larger models have the same pumps as the smaller models and
the additional media is added vertically, not horizontally,
so the media will become restricted as quickly in the
larger models as the smaller models.

Scott H.

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