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[APD] on all the algae talk

i had this ten gallon and it was at about 30 watts of
light with plants and Sera Florena Liquid Fertilizer I
dosed once a week as per the instructions and even when
i had a filter failiur i never experienced any algae at
all. now in this 29 gallon with 80 watts of light i have
greenwater and i'm currently subjecting it to a blackout
of about 3 days. but i wonder if the hydrogen peroxide
subjects currently being discussed wouldnt work better.
but i'd have to be careful. it was horrible to because
my glosso was just starting to take off. anyone have any
suggestions? i've been using liquid ferts except i use
nutrafin long release fert sticks under the glosso as as
my understanding is, it's a heavy root feeder.
i have also noticed that in this large of a planted tank
if i wait a month to clean my canister it is filthy, i'm
wondering if i shouldnt up the size, and i have maybe 8
fish in this tank all small fish under an inch. i also
have a sand substrate if that makes any difference. i
cant see controlling this in any way until i have at
least got it too a managable point if i let it bloom
further then all i have is a tank that barey gets light
and that alone will cripple my ability to change this
predicament by growing my plants more productively.
i feel totally stuck. and i think i should change my
fertilizing methods... it seems to me that most people
here frown upon actual aquatic plant ferts and prefer
raw dry ferts from garden stores? not that  any are open
this time of year here.
so much info is conflicting, also i was reading here
about the microswords, and i cant seem to find ANY info
detailed about pruning and seperating the small mass to
create an area of this growth. in fact pruning and
planting info seems to be the lost arcane knowledge on
the net. any books i have picked up have not covered
this in detail. so any info on that or inks or anything
would be appreciated thanks for everyones time.

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