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[APD] Re: Amazon Swords -- or - Boarding House Rules

Hi Scott,

Thanks for shedding some light.

You wrote:
> It sounds like your lighting level is moderate and swords
> like E. bleheri, osiris, rubin . . . will grow much more
> slowly than they would at higher lighting levels.

This sounds like what happened to me as well. Bought a nice, big sword at a
LFS and within a short time all the big leaves melted -- "no problem, it's
adjusting to immersed growth," I thought. However, some months later now,
it's still stunted.

> Still
> they will soak up nutrients faster than many other plants
> under that same lighting level. For example, introducing
> swords to a tank with Java Fern hat has been performing
> well can result in depressed performance of the Java

Is that why my Java's are so black-blotchy, holey and stunted?
In the same tank is Vallisneria, Anacharis, Rotala, various Crypts, all
doing excellent. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me these others are
fast eaters as well, the Vallisneria in particular; I "mow" a big handful
out every week. I would be glad to know which of these are particularly
aggressive consumers of nutrients.

Besides the Sword and Java Fern, there is also some Hair Grass that is
slowly wasting away and some weak but persistent Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis
novaezelandiae). Anubias barteri, newly introduced, has sent out new leaves
about half the size, but seems to be OK.

I'm running about 3 W/G on this 20G, dosing fertilizer 2x/week.

> unless
> you maintain nutrient levels by upping the doses a bit to
> satisfy the new hungrier mouths you've brought to the
> table. The stronger, hungrier mouths tend to grab most of
> the food as fast as it's put on the table.

Alternatively, I could take the weak performers out and put them in another
tank without the fast eaters, right?

Or is the sword just having a difficult time getting established?

Looking forward to hearing more about the Boarding House Rules!

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