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[APD] Re: CO2 and BGA


I meant BGA in the subject.  Sometimes the fingers are faster than the mind.

I also have had most algae known to man and woman and, knock on wood, have
conquered them for the time being, thanks to what I have learned here and at
a few other places.

Tom said, in part, " . . . No, non CO2 tanks do not have constant CO2. Quite
the opposite. . . "

But, in a low tech, subsoil-and-peat substrate environment, one in which the
subsoil had been soaked for two weeks before using, why would the available
CO2 (or C) vary significantly in the short term, say, the first month?  The
only sources of it would be the atmosphere, the respiration of the fish, and
the decay of the substrate, none of which would vary much in that short

Assuming that to be true, the way to treat algae in such a tank would not be
to increase the CO2, since by definition that would be impossible, but
rather to limit the nutrients by water changes until the plants have taken
hold and can do that themselves.  Right?


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