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[APD] Re: plant ID

"I picked up some plants at the LPS and as usual no
one could identify them...one 'helpful" young man
thought they were "selaginella Wildenowii" at least
that was what he wrote on the bill, however he was man
enough to admit it was probably wrong.  They seem to
be single stems with flat "leaves" that grow in such a
way as to remind me(non plant expert that I am) of a
flat christmas tree, almost cedar looking.  Any help
would be appreciated."

Selaginella willdenowii is often sold as an aquarium
plant, but is not aquatic.  You may see it for sale as
'Princes Pine'.  It will lasta while submerged, but
will eventually die.  If you have Baensch Atlas volume
3, look on pages 70-71.  

Cavan Allen

PS.  It would be helpful if you used word wrap in your
e-mail program so we don't have to scroll side to side
when we read it.  

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