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Re: [APD] What is the Proper Water Chemistry?

Maybe somebody can fill in the blanks.

At 12:17 PM 11/4/04 -0600, you wrote:
>I know that water chemistry depends on the fish you have and the plants you
>keep to some extent but what is the proper water chemistry.  I tried
>searching the archives but did not find what I was looking for.  I am
>looking for something or someone to give me a general idea on how much of
>what should be in the water.  I will explain more, I have tried the simple
>method and now I want to get more involved and start testing the water to
>get to the perfect ZEN like state that Mr. Thomas Barr keeps his tanks in.
>So I have some test kits and will be getting more but I'm not sure what I
>should see when I test for phosphates or nitrates or iron or any of these
>things.  so If someone would not mind posting here what I should look for in
>a 'typical' planted aquarium I will print save and modify that for my needs.
>I have a 90 Gallon with 320W/of light pressurized CO2 and add some
>fertilizer on a semi regular basis(about twice a week) and do weekly 30%
>water changes.

1. Get an iron kit. Dose with balanced trace elements with iron
until you determine your rate of dosing.

INSERT NOMINAL Fe/L here ______________  (I don't know it)

2) Get a nitrate kit, test for nitrates. If you don't have
any add potasiom nitrate. If you do, add potassium something
else. (usually sulphate I'm not thrilled about all those
sulphate ions wouldn't KCl be better?)

INSERT NOMINAL NO4/L here ______________  (I don't know it)

3) You'd probably want pH and KH test kits for the CO2.

INSERT NOMINAL CO2/L here ______________  (I don't know it)


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