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[APD] What is the Proper Water Chemistry?

I know that water chemistry depends on the fish you have and the plants you
keep to some extent but what is the proper water chemistry.  I tried
searching the archives but did not find what I was looking for.  I am
looking for something or someone to give me a general idea on how much of
what should be in the water.  I will explain more, I have tried the simple
method and now I want to get more involved and start testing the water to
get to the perfect ZEN like state that Mr. Thomas Barr keeps his tanks in.
So I have some test kits and will be getting more but I'm not sure what I
should see when I test for phosphates or nitrates or iron or any of these
things.  so If someone would not mind posting here what I should look for in
a 'typical' planted aquarium I will print save and modify that for my needs.

I have a 90 Gallon with 320W/of light pressurized CO2 and add some
fertilizer on a semi regular basis(about twice a week) and do weekly 30%
water changes.


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