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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 and BBA

At 10:02 AM 11/4/04 -0500, you wrote:
>It would seem that there could be more than one cause of BBA.

BBA is a non-issue; it turns out to be extremely sensitive to hydrogen
peroxide. 5cc in a syringe squirted directly on it kills it but
does not seem to affect green algae, plants, fish or invertibrates.

I've been raging a 4 year battle witht his stuff and in the past month
I appear to have eradicated it (will no other losses). I have photos
over 4 years of this one tank swhoing it's initial good growth, infestation
then cleanup. Very soon I'll put together a photo essay.

I need to do a few experiments to see what kind of cencentration kills
it as a dip. 

I use no more than 1cc/gal per 12 hours. The only other publishes work
I can find used 1cc/L and he kiled his riccia, lily leaves and maybe
sprite or fern - can't remember. My fern has been ok and while
lily leavs do indeed seem to melt if you squirt them directly
(over a few days) they put up new ones right away anyway. I did it for
4 days 3 weeks ago and that seemed to clean it up. NOTHING had
worked before.


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