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[APD] Re: Amazon Swords

Lief Youngs writes: "My amazon sword seems to be starting to die or turning
yellow and is getting thin leaves. Is this low Fe/Iron? Should I use my
fertilizer (Leaf Zone) twice weekly instead of what the bottle says, once
weekly? Do Sword plants need more Iron than most other aquatic plants? If so
are there any fertilizers out that would be better for inproving the health
of my amazon sword plant? All my other aquatic plants are doing great."

A lot of different problems can cause yellow leaves. Does the problem affect
new or old leaves? Iron is not a mobile nutrient, so deficiencies usually
show up in the new leaves. Nitrogen, by comparison, is mobile, so the plant
will cannibalize the old leaves. So a nitrogen deficiency shows up as the
older leaves turning yellow, and possibly dying and decaying.

Have you measured levels of other nutrients, such as NO3? What is your
substrate? Do you use any sort of fertilizer other than Leaf Zone (which
isn't balanced)? How much light do you have?

- Jim

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