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[APD] RE: Tank Specs

>He thinks its inefficent; I disagree. His pH is 7.2, and his KH is 17 degrees. Assuming there are no other buffers >in the water, that puts his CO2 at well over 30 mg/l, which should be unsafe for the livestock. (from >thekrib.com, "Concentrations above 30 mg/l may cause respiratory problems in your fish.")

That assumes those are both accurate measurements. Not always the case.

very likely true. I dont' know what he's using to measure his parameters, but those pH tests can be a pain to read.

>So if it's not CO2, what would it be? If it IS CO2, then how can he make his system more efficent, and what is >buffering his water to give inaccurate test results? I've never used a powered reactor, would that be a plausible >solution? It seems that many of his plants are doing well; the ones that are having troubles are slower-growing >plants.

>Am I missing something here?

Yes, you are too confident that it's a an accurate measurement(KH and pH).
It's only one point in time as well, not measured at beginning and the end of the photoperoid.
That needs tested thoroughly.

Reggie, if nutrients cause BBA, where is mine?

Nowhere in my post did I suggest that nutrients caused BBA. I've read your posts for long enough to know that you don't feel that is the case. Heck, it was you, Tom, who helped me cure my tank of most algae problems in the first place! I was simply pointing out that "more CO2" was not a helpful answer, as questions were raised on the web page he provided a link for about 1) what were the CO2 levels actually, and 2) how to make his CO2 system more efficent. Question 2) implies that he suspected his CO2 levels were low, and in his page he described in detail the difficulties he was having with raising CO2 levels.

I have no BBA, it does not appear due to magic or other factors, I've messed with the other factors extensively.
I can only get BBA to grow if the CO2 varies during the lighting phase.

So, how does one keep CO2 consistent throughout the lighting phase? I can only think of one method; the CO2 monitor/Selenoid valve. I currently don't use it, and am also fighting a very small outbreak of BBA on some anubias. If inconsistent CO2 levels throughout the lighting phase are causing it, maybe I should invest in a CO2 monitor/Selenoid valve myself.

BBA does fine at high or low NO3, K, PO4, traces. Low KH or high KH. Low GH or high GH. Low or high light, non CO2, CO2. Any type of substrate.

no argument here. My experience tells me the same.

Light , CO2 and nutrients, I've cobvered the nutrient and the light, all that's left is CO2.
If he is doing the weekly water changes, the regular dosing, then we can rule out the NO3/PO4/traces, KH being too low, GH also and lighting fairly confidently.

I don't even need a test kit to determine that. Only "did you add such and such nutrient?"

Ah, the beauty of the "Barr Method"; throw those test kits away! ;-) You sold me on that about a year ago, and I couldn't be happier.

KH and pH measurements are all that's left and the bioindicators, BBA, poor hairgrass growth (a plant that does very well when the CO2 is high) point to CO2 issues.

Once again, no argument here.

Even when you think you have mastered everything plant, CO2 will bite you in your butt.
If I see any problem, I always go after CO2 first and make certain it's good for the entire 10-12 hour light period.

Next I go after NO3 etc and so on down the line.

---Rob, I'd suggest you add some PO4(1/16 KH2PO4 3x a week or 2 drops of Fleet enema 3x a week), 5mls of traces(that's the most you could possibly need) and watch the CO2 closely. Consider an internal reactor if this does not work for you or set it up on seprate loop with it's own dedicated powerhead.

ah, that's what I think he was looking for. See, I knew we kept you around despite your cantankerousness for a reason! :-) Seriously, thanks for the help Tom. And I am curious if you think a CO2 controller would help my own problems.

Just be consistent with taking care of the CO2 and as soon as something seems weird, slowed down etc, do a water change and check the CO2.

Trim off any algae that's there, prune it.
Try 50% weekly water changes(10 gal).

Dose 3x a week: a little less than 1/4 KNO3
PO4 as stated same day as KNO3
Traces on off days.

Tom Barr

Regards, Reggie

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