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[APD] Followup on nitrogen and green water.

Hi All.

Ok. Implementing my new (mis)understanding of causes of green water.
I added yesterday nitrogen to a water column in my tank in form of Seachem
Flourish-Nitrogen. I added about 0.4 ml. and as expected got my water much
greener today. It is expected because prior to adding nitrogen supplement
water was already somewhat green and was blocking lights to the plants.
Thus, because of insufficient photosynthesis plants were unable to
consume added NO3 and in doing so increase their uptake NH3/4 while algae
took NO3 and produced more spores which bloomed in the presence of ammonia.
And so it all went like a snowball. Basically light became limiting factor for
the plants. Am I right in this explanation?

As far as I understand, first I have to get rid of green water and then
add supplements. So, what are my options here? I do not have diatom filter
and not sure I want to spend any money for it. I want to try completely
blocking light for several days. How long should I block light? I don't want
to hurt higher plants. If that is the way I will go then perhaps I should put
fish in some other container.

Dmitri Priimak

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