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[APD] Re: CO2 tanks and teflon tape

Why shouldn't I be using teflon tape? Does it just not help, or does it actively impair the seal?

(This is a very timely question since I just emptied my big tank and need a refill....)

The big reason is that the tape can come apart and little bits of it can get into the gas system and clog up things like regulators and metering valves that make use of small orifices. The biggest difference between the white (water) teflon tape and the yellow (gas) teflon tape is that the yellow stuff is significantly thicker to reduce the chances of it breaking apart as you tighten the fitting. The usual pipe thread compound (goo) doesn't have this problem at all.

I suppose Scott's suggested problem of the tape preventing you from tightening the fitting all the way is also possible, but you'd need to use a *lot* of the tape for it to make that kind of problem.

Ultimately the tape isn't really necessary since the gas fitting in question will seal using the gasket inside the flange, so the threaded fitting is really only there for structural support -- the threads themselves do not contribute to the seal between the fittings.


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