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[APD] Re: CO2 tank question -- No Tape on a CGA 320

I have the nylon washers, in fact one comes with the tank whenever I swap it out, but the one that is on there is stuck into the regulator and won't come out for anything. How do I get it out?


If the washer that is stuck is smooth and doesn't have any scrapes/gouges/cuts in it you can most likely just use it instead of a new washer -- the soapy-water leak test will tell you if it seals properly.

If you do need to remove the "stuck" washer, first make sure it's not an integral part of the fitting (some regulators, like the Tap-Rite I have, have a machined groove in the flat part of the fitting that holds a washer). If it's really just an old washer that is mashed-on from a long time in an assembled fitting, you should be able to use a screwdriver to lift the edge a bit and then peel it off the fitting. Just be careful when you are working on it not to stab yourself with the screwdriver since it's possible to slip off the fitting suddenly.


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