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[APD] Re: Co2 system up and running/MTS question

Well, thanks to everyone's advice and help, my Co2
system is now up and running.  As soon as I got my
10lb aluminum tank, I took it down the fire
extinguisher/welding shop near my house to get it
filled.  They were great and I was in and out in under
10 minutes.  I hooked everything up and thanks to all
the reading I've been doing here, as well as on
recommended sites, I was on the lookout for leaks,
which I had.  I didn't use the teflon on the
connection to the tank, based on people's
recommendation, and it was fine.  Where I had the leak
was after the needle valve, before the bubble counter.
 I added a little teflon tape there and it seemed to
be good (I checked with bubbles).

My tap water is 0 KH and the pH is around 6.2.  I
buffer this in my tank with a bag of crushed coral in
the filter.

My tank currently has a KH of 4 and a pH of 7.0, which
brings my Co2 to about 12.  I have slowly been raising
the KH (it was at 3 two days ago) by adding more coral
and raising the Co2 a little at a time.

I noticed today that 6 or 7 of my big MTS are climbing
towards the top of the tank.  I doublechecked all of
my figures and everything seemed ok and the fish and
shrimp are behaving normally.  What might suddenly be
causing them to climb?

Also, was it ok to use the teflon between the bubble
counter and the needle valve?


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