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[APD] Re: CO2 tank question

OK, so I got my JBJ regulator and am about to go out and buy the tank. When I connect the tank to the regulator, am I supposed to use any kind of teflon threading or something? Or do I just screw the regulator on. I understand you should use a wrench to make sure it's a tight fit.

PLMK, I'm a pressurized newbie here converting from DIY. THanks in advance.

You should normally not use teflon pipe tape on gas fittings (the same goes for natural gas lines if you ever work on those). There is a yellow teflon tape for gas lines that you could use, but it probably isn't necassary. For gas lines you normally use a pipe thread compound that is goo-in-a-can.

For the regulator-to-tank fitting you probably won't need anything. Just tighten it up, then check for leaks with some soapy water. You'll need a wrench to get it on tight.


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