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[APD] Re: Nitrogen 3#

>May be you could write a book on this subject.

Sometime next year(I've said that for awhile now:-)

 And does everyone
>agrees  with your conclusions? 

They can try it for themselves and then decide for themselves.   
>Are there any dissenting views?

I suppose but they sure are very very quiet.
No one does controls and accounts for the other parameters.
If that is done, then they find the same thing I do. 

>I am not criticizing, jut looking for a large consensus with
>regards to causes of green water. I feel very grateful indeed
>that you share this information with us.

Try it yourself and find out.
Kill your GW with a UV.
Turn off UV.
Add lots of KNO3 and PO4 etc => no algae
Then toss a jobe's stick in there.
Next try just NH4
Then urea
Then a huge slowly built up fish load.

Algae with each.

>So, let me summarize here what I understood. The starting point
>for unicellular algae is the spores which would be carried by
>the fish and plants from aquarium to aquarium and so are always
>present in some non-zero concentration in the water. 

Yes, but they can float in the air also.

>Spores bloom
>in presence of NH4 and give birth to the algae which can live on
>either NH4 or NO3 and perhaps some other Nitrogen compounds.


>Nitrogen then adding it in the form other then NH3/4 like KNO3
>may eliminate green water problem.
>Does this makes any sense?

It will not eliminate GW, but it'll keep it from coming back once you get rid of it.

Basically give the plants what they need to grow, don't worry too much about algae.
Worry about the plant's needs.

Tom Barr

>Dmitri Priimak

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