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Re: [APD] RE: Nitrogen

>You are certain it was N they were missing?
>Scott H.

Well, N is usually the nutrient blamed when the deficiency affects primarily
older leaves, causes chlorosis, and causes leaves to die off.

As I said, the problem cleared up after adding the Jobes Spikes for Ferns
and Palms. As far as I can tell from reading the packaging, those only
contain N, P, and K. So one of those three must have been the problem.

I was using KNO3 to get my levels up to 50 ppm NO3, so K levels must have
gone up dramatically along with NO3 levels. Yet I saw no improvement. My
test kit has always read off the scale for PO4, probably because my
subdivision used to be a farm and there's tons of fertilizer in my topsoil

I suppose it's possible that my PO4 test kit is extremely inaccurate
(although measurements of my tap water match with what the water department
says), and that in my tank P deficiency manifested just like N deficiency.
It's possible that the others who found they needed substrate
supplementation of N to make their Echinodorus grow well were similarly
mistaken and accidentally addressed some other deficiency.

But Occam's Razor leads me to believe the simplest answer: that what looked
like N deficiency was in fact N deficiency, that the other hobbyists who
found they needed substrate N supplementation were correct, and that
Echindorus (at least under some conditions) has trouble absorbing NO3 from
the water column.

- Jim

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