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Re: [APD] RE: Nitrogen

You are certain it was N they were missing?

Scott H.
--- Jim Seidman <james at mail1_seidman.net> wrote:

> I was having trouble a couple of months ago with my E.
> bleheri, E. tenellus,
> and E. parviflorus. These were in soil-substrate tanks,
> and I believe the
> soil substrate had been providing N to the roots for some
> time, and finally
> ran out. The leaves were suffering chlorosis and the
> older leaves were
> decaying.
> Based on the idea that plants can get everything they
> need through leaf
> uptake, I kept raising my NO3 levels, finally hitting 50
> ppm. They were
> still doing poorly (as were my ghost shrimp, which all
> died). Finally I
> started asking around on different groups, where several
> people reported an
> inability of Echnidorus to perform leaf uptake.
> I used some Jobes Spikes for Ferns and Palms in the
> substrate, and it took
> only a week or so for all three species to halt their
> chlorosis and decay,
> and begin putting up healthy new leaves. They have been
> doing fine since.
> Perhaps there are certain other chemicals in some tanks
> that interfere with
> Echnidorus's leaf uptake. Perhaps some substrates are
> porous enough that NO3
> in the water column can make it to the roots. I don't
> know. But I do know
> that for my tank, substrate supplementation did what
> (very) high levels of
> water supplementation could not.

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