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[APD] Re: Nitrogen suppliment (lot of questions)

the yeast bottle. According to pH and dKH graphs I easily bring CO2 to 20-30 ppm. My KH right now is 4dKH. By the way condition of my amazon swords with few yellowish spots, which are getting bigger indicate, I believe, luck of nitrogen. As you can guess I am trying to get rid of green water. I am trying to do it without radical methods, like chemical treatment, diatom filtration and alike, and do it by changing nutrient content in the water and substrate.
"Chemical treatment" is *not* a radical method, it is part of the process used by nearly all successful planted tank keepers.

Probably should have clarified this a bit more than I did originally... I mean "chemical treatment" as in dosing with chemicals like KNO3, K2SO4, etc. Not stuff like simazine and other algacides. The use of algacides is generally not recommended for a planted tank since the algacides will often cause problems for the "good" plants too.


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