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[APD] Nitrogen suppliment (lot of questions)

Hi All.

I am very much new to this hobby, so please bear with me.
I believe that my aquarium went through initial cycle. I have very little fish in it, though American-Flag fish, of which I have three,
are ferocious eaters and basically eat non-stop (they eat hair algae by the way) and produce a lot of waste. Still, my aquarium developed green water at which point my tests for NO2 and NO3 showed absolutely zero as far as I can tell. It is my understanding that the plants as well as algae (am I right about algae eating nitrogen?) ate all nitrogen.
I also have about 5 watts per gallon of light and do CO2 fertilization with the yeast bottle. According to pH and dKH graphs I easily bring CO2 to 20-30 ppm. My KH right now is 4dKH. By the way condition of my amazon swords with few yellowish spots, which are getting bigger indicate, I believe, luck of nitrogen. As you can guess I am trying to get rid of green water. I am trying to do it without radical methods, like chemical treatment, diatom filtration and alike, and do it by changing nutrient content in the water and substrate.

Thus I'd like to supply additional nitrogen to a higher plants only, which means adding something to a substrate. One person suggested me to add small pieces of Miracle-Gr sticks, however it did not sound too good to me and I understand that it is not preferred by many growers of terrestrial plants at all, let along for aquatic plants.

Another person suggested Nutrafin Plant-Gro sticks, but its chemical description appear to me to have rather large content of pretty much everything: Total N - 16%, P2O5 - 9%, K20 12% etc. (all by weight). Also, label claim that each stick last one year which I guess explains large quantities of chemicals in it, but I have concern that it could relatively quickly leak into the water column. Are my worries founded regarding this product?

Some growers of terrestrial plants suggested me to use organic granular products (don't remember brand name) of which some contain as active ingredient only nitrogen, though it was not clear from the label in which form nitrogen is present there. Do you think this would work?

Dmitri Priimak

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