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Re: [APD] Python Question

It depends on how strong the water flow is through your
tap. If it is strong enough, you can lift the vacuum end
completely out of water and once placed back in water, the
Python will continue to suck water out of the tank.

If the flow is not strong enough, and air gets into the
tube where it runs over the tank rim and down the side,
then air in the tube will want to go up while the Python is
trying to suck things down -- an airlock that the vacuum
cannot overcome.

Things that effect the power of the vacuum:

water pressure and flow rate at the tap;
things that get into the tube while vacuuming and constrict
the water flow;
the length of the tube, longer = more resistance to
   flow=lower flow=less vacuum;

The height of the tank relative to the Python outlet at the

Water pressure at the tap will be diff at diff times.
Mornings, when the neighborhood is showering, it will be
relatively low, etc.

Closing the valve when moving from one tank to the next
might work; try it.

Shutting off the TAP, then changing tanks will accomplish
the same thing but involves more walking.

Or whenyou're readyu to change tanks, lift out the vacuum
end and wait for the Python tube to be evacuated of water
before you put the vacuum end in the next tank. It will
start a vacuum as easily then as it did onthe the priuor
tank -- provided nothing got sucked into the Python that is
clogging it up.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- drockel <drockel at rogers_com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have recently purchased a Python for changing the tank
> water and used it for the first time. I have 2 tanks and
> had no problem with draining the water from the first
> tank. The second tank is about 10 feet away from the
> other tank and I lost suction between the two tanks and
> had to drain the system to re-estblish the suction.
> Should I have just turned off the suction with the switch
> on the gravel cleaner before removing the gravel cleaner
> from the first tank?
> Dale
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