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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 14, Issue 52

> Otherwise, any recommendations for a reservoir (and where to get it)? I 
> live in the city (San Francisco Bay Area) so it would need to be 
> commonly available. I'll check the local hardware stores for food grade 
> plastic barrels (will they be specifically marked as "food grade"?).

Why would you want rain water when the tap water is from Hetch Hetchy and
is KH of perhaps 1 and GH of 0?
Snow melt vs rain, it's pretty much the same stuff, fairly pure water.
A plain trash can works fine and has for folks for decades.
My question to you is why bother?
You are going to need to add some bakign soda and GH to this anyway no
matter which you use.

Tom Barr

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