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[APD] Re: Campho phonic(sp) in tank


If you haven't been able to remove the Campho-Phenique from your tank yet, try using USP Mineral Oil rubbed in vigorously. When Debbie Dowding posted the list of ingredients I checked the Merck Index for each and found that each is soluble in Mineral Oil. The Camphorated Menthol is probably a mixture of Camphor and Menthol crushed together which causes the Camphor to liquefy. Menthol is freely soluble in Mineral Oil. Eucalyptus Oil also has a camphorous smell and is miscible with oils and fats. The common denominator is the Mineral Oil. Use it repeatedly until removed, then use a strong detergent to remove the oil.

If this doesn't work, try your paint store for the solvent Trichloroethylene. It is used in Dry Cleaning. If you do use it make sure to follow the instructions on the label. I know they will say to use with adequate ventilation. Read that as outdoors. Use Neoprene gloves.

Jerry Smith

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