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Re: [APD] AGA Convention - worth stopping by? :)

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Joe Reiter wrote:

It turns out my girlfriend and I will be in DC for vacation right
during the convention.  We'll be busy most of the time, but would
certainly have some time to stop by and check out the goings-on at the
convention.  Do you all think it would be worth the registration fee
for folks like us can't attend the entire thing, but rather just stop
by for key events?  From what I'm reading about the convention, it
seems to be the sort of thing where you want to dedicate your time to
it, as opposed to stop by now and then.  :)

I think you can take a peek at the vendor room and things in the hallway for free. And I think you can get into the auction for either nothing or a small nominal fee (not sure this year). Definitely have to register for the talks and workshops, though. My bias says that if you're on this list, you'd want to check out all the events, especially Amano's demo and Jan's Crypt talk. I saw Jan in 1999, and can guarantee that you'll never hear more depth on this one genus anywhere else.

- Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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