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RE: [APD] Campho phonic(sp) in tank


According to the Merck Index, Camphor is soluble in many solvents. One gram dissolves in: 800 ml water, 1 ml alcohol, 0.4 ml acetone, 1.5 ml oil of turpentine. It is soluble in: liquid ammonia. I have not listed all the chemicals due to the difficulty in obtaining for the homeowner.

Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ

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My :-( :-[ >:o nephew who is 24 put this cold sore medicine in my 30 gallon tank to kill my fish. I need to know how to get this oily crap out of the tank so that I can reuse it . I have bleached it along with using dish soap and it still has a camphor smell. Please no comments about how one of us should move out as this is my mother's house and she refuses to make him leave and I have no funds to do so :-(

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