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RE: [APD] Campho phonic(sp) in tank


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-My :-(  :-[  >:o  nephew who is 24 put this cold sore medicine in my 30
gallon tank to kill my fish. I need to know how to get this oily crap
out of the tank so that I can reuse it . I have bleached it along with
using dish soap and it still has a camphor smell. Please no comments
about how one of  us should move out  as this is my mother's house and
she refuses to make him leave and I have no funds to do so :-( -

Oh my!  What an unfortunate incident.  According to the Campho-Phenique
website, <http://www.bayercare.com/htm/campholiquid.htm> the ingredients
in the liquid product are camphorated menthol, eucalyptus oil, and
mineral oil.  I'd say that whomever suggested using alcohol was on the
money.  You might also try calling Bayer and asking for their advice -
1-800-331-4536.  I'd also say that over time the smell will fade.  


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