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[APD] Amazon anyone?

Hi Folks,

For those of you who are not also members of the AGA mailing list, I thought
I'd post this here.  Scott Heiber and I are both going with Dr. Chao on a
trip through the Brazilian Amazon.  We will visit clear water, black water
and white water areas, attend the Fish Festival in Barcelos, and spend two
days in terra firma forest exploring streams and lakes.

This is a wonderful way to learn more about aquatic ecosystems, enjoy nature
and have a relaxing vacation at the same time.  The boat is clean and
comfortable, 2 to a room, each room has its own bathroom.  The food is good,
plentiful, and safe.

If you would like more information about the trip, please contact me
off-list.  The boat is filling up, but there are still a few places


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