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[APD] RE: bga/em/blackout

Tom said,

"I cannot mention every possible method that folks try to get rid of algae,
some remove it once and expect it to go away. This seldom works. So how come
no one using EM knows/knew why and under what conditions the BGA came about
in the first place?"

And I reply:

As far as my experiences are concerned, I am pretty well convinced that the
BGA came from nutrients leaching from a new soil substrate, before the
plants had begun to grow.  And when they did begin growing, BGA ceased to be

I think this is consistent with the advice that you have given many times,
that if one takes care of the plants, algae will not be an issue.  My
experience certainly supports that.  But if the plants are covered with that
blankety-blank BGA slime, they don't seem to grow, at least for me.  EM
gives them a chance to get started.

Now, sure, the blackout works too.  But you are adding chemicals in addition
to the blackout.  (OK, nutrients.)

I wonder how the blackout and the added nutrients would work in a low tech
environment that is also afflicted by a too rich substrate?  I'd think the
BGA would just return because the basic cause of the problem wasn't being


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