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[APD] RE: bga/em/blackout

> fought the battle with BGA and won. I use conventional methods first 
> to fight my algae wars but EM at 1/2 dose for 3 days was my solution 
> against BGA.

Blackouts do work if you follow the directions I suggest. 
If you failed with the other methods, what where those methods that you did
besides EM?
What is a conventional method?
You were specific in your treratment with EM, you should also try to learn
from the mistake in this conventional method as well. 
The method I used has been 100% effective in every case I've done with it
and has yet to return except when the NO3 level dropped, blackout and
killed it and it came back. 
Blackout and add KNO3, it did not come back.
3 days is all it took, the same or similar length of time that the EM took. 

This pattern was done several times and many folks have tried it since and
it does work.
No chemicals at all minus plant fert's.

EM: for folks that cannot follow directions(turn lights off for 3 days, do
50% water change before/after, turn off CO2 during this peroid, add KNO3 @
1/4 teasopoon per 25 gal and then thereafter 1-3x a week, not exactly that
difficult) or MOSTLY just do not know how to do the blackout method and add
the KNO3 back which is why I keep bring the issue up.

I cannot mention every possible method that folks try to get rid of algae,
some remove it once and expect it to go away. This seldom works. So how
come no one using EM knows/knew why and under what conditions the BGA came
about in the first place?

If you know that, then we know a lot more than how to kill it and can find
better more effective/cheaper methods of getting rid of it, and preventing
it from appearing again later without blackouts/EM/Algicides/snake oils etc.

But more than merely getting rid of the algae, the method I suggest gives
the main cause + provides better plant growth as well and helps you become
a better plant grower.
EM simply does not do that. All it does is kill the algae. 

Growing plants is not about killing algae, it's about growing plants.
When the plants are happy, the algae will not grow.

Goes back to the simple question/answer: "Is it a plant nutrient? If not,
don't add it."

Tom Barr   

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