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Re: [APD] Re: Off topic -- Killer Ghost Shrimp -- What to Do?

Seems hard to believe a ghost shrimp could weigh down a guppie...
but at any rate I doubt all your ghost shrimps have turned into serial killers. You could probably be fine with just removing the big one.

as for filtration for 3 shrimp.. not needed.
I got several guppies and a femal betta in a bowl at work and if I'm lazy enough, I won't do a water change for up to 2 weeks at a time. With some water movement and plants and 10 gallons you shouldn't have to do anything special like that to keep the shrimp happy. Probably wouldn't need to make water changes much at all unless the plants seem to require it.

NYCMags wrote:

If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not
have believed it.  In my 65 gallon I have many
Japonica shrimp, two baby Red Cherry shrimp and three
Ghost shrimp (2 are 3/4", one is 1 1/2").

While cleaning my tank this afternoon, I saw the large
Ghost shrimp fly through the water, grab a male guppy,
and pin him down to the substrate and start picking at
him.  I saw him eating one a couple of weeks ago, but
assumed that it had died of natural causes and he was
cleaning up the leftovers.

Since I have an extra 10 gallon sitting around I
promptly filled it halfway, threw in some cuttings and
removed all three Ghost shrimp.  I have no equipment
for this extra tank except a powerhead with filter
module which I'm going set up now.  I covered the top
with saran wrap since I don't have a lid. They will
get indirect natural daylight. I am wondering:

1) Will they be ok without a heater?
2) Do they need filtration if it's just 3 of them?
3) If the tank is only 1/2 full can I leave it
uncovered or will they still get out?
4)  Why didn't they try to eat the Red Cherry Shrimp,
not soft enough?

I've never heard anything like this about Ghost shrimp
before.  Any ideas on what to do with these 3 banditos
would be appreciated.  I would like them to live out
their lives here and would like a way to keep them
happy with minimal investment.  I'm not taking them
back to the store as they are feeder shrimp I think
and I couldn't bare to do that. Plant cuttings, food
and water changes are no problem.  What else?

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