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[APD] New Englang Aquatic Plant Society (NEAPS)

Hello All,

Well, it seems like everytime I come on here, I'm promoting a new club. A new club has been formed for the New England Region (primarily MA, CT, and NH as well as surrounding states) and we'll be having our first meeting this coming weekend in north Connecticut. The meeting will be held at 10:30 Saturday morning in the Barnes and Noble bookstore of Enfield Connecticut. We'll be discussing a number of items including regular meeting times, topics of discussion for the meetings, club by-laws, and other topics of interest. Also, there will likely be some plant trades after the meeting and lots of talk about planted tanks.

If you're interested in learning more about the group, contact Dennis Deitz at ddeitz4843 at charter_net or Bailin Shaw at bailin_shaw at hotmail_com.

Hope to see a lot of new members at the meeting this coming weekend.


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