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[APD] Re: CO2 tank question

Once I get the put the regulator with the tank, do I release the CO2 valve on the tank all the way and only use the JBJ regulator knob to adjust it? Or do I only release the tank valve a certain amount?

You should open the valve on the tank all the way. The tank's valve is just for on/off for the tank, it doesn't do anything to control the flow. The regulator is going to be doing most of the control, with your needle valve doing the fine tuning.

Also, do you recommend I use the solenoid to time with my lights or just leave it plugged in 24/7 so that it pumps CO2 continously? I used to use 2 2L DIY bottles on my 40 gallon long, so if I left the CO2 on all the time it would similar.

Don't leave the solenoid valve plugged in all the time -- that is unnecessary. You only need the solenoid for one of two things:

1 - controlling the CO2 level with a pH controller
2 - controlling the CO2 level with the timer running the lights (or some other timer)

If you just want to run the CO2 system continuously, you'd be better off just leave the solenoid valve out of your system completely -- this will both save you the [admittedly very small] electrical cost of running the valve, and will not put operating hours on the valve that are just keeping it acting like it isn't there.

Be careful with the pressurized system... You can get a MUCH higher CO2 flow rate (and higher CO2 concentration in the tank more quickly) than you could with a DIY setup. Be sure to keep an eye on things at first.


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