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Re: [APD] Re: BGA Control - Blackout vs. Antiobiotics.

A straing might not be able toestablish well because other
strains compete when conditons are good for BGA. But if it
resists the erythro and the others don't, then it can
become dominant even if you followed directions, did a full
cycle of dosing, etc.

It's not something that happens every time. It's rare. But
it's not something that needs  encouragement, imo.

Scott H.
--- "D. Noal" <davidnoal at gmail_com> wrote:
> . . . I suspect it would be possible to
> have a
> resistant strain from appearing if:
> 1) you did not do a full cycle of medication
> and/or
> 2) you did not change enough of the water after the
> medication period,
> which would leave smaller amounts in the tank giving the
> BGA time to
> grow resistant.
> Of course, this is speculation. 

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