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Re: [APD] Re: BGA Control - Blackout vs. Antiobiotics.

Or you could use more plants. 

And some of us gardeners, we are prone to green arguments

Scott H.
--- Bill D <billinet at comcast_net> wrote:

> I agree that the BGA outbreaks that I mentioned is caused
> by an imbalance
> between the nutrients being released from the substrate
> and the minimal
> needs of a newly planted aquarium.
> However, in my experience (which might not be typical),
> if left untreated
> the BGA will spread and smother the plants before they
> grow enough to
> consume the excess nutrients.  A blackout and water
> change will get rid of
> the BGA, but the nutrients will continue to be released
> before the plants
> grow, so the cycle will repeat.
> Using the antibiotic gives the plants a chance to get
> started and combat the
> BGA naturally.
> As I said, there is little or no evidence that
> antibiotic-resistant bacteria
> have resulted from aquarium treatments.
> And if one day one did, it probably wouldn't have any
> impact on anything,
> based on the experience that we have had with the many
> kinds of resistant
> bacteria that we harbor.
> So I guess it is mainly a "Green" argument.that favors
> the blackout
> approach.

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