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[APD] Re: 5gal blackout tank

  I let my little 5 gallon planted tank at work go to heck.  Now it is
covered in various type of algae - long thread like algae, staghorn, a
little BBA.  I was going to do a water change on it, remove as much algae as
possible, and then give it a black out. How many days do I need to do the
black out for?  I know after the black out I should do another water change
and resume C02 and fertilizers.


Sherry, Blackout is not effective (nor EM) on anything other than BGA.
You need to clean the tank good, remove all you can, add more CO2, not disturb things so much.
Small tanks require more attention or else go with non CO2 methods. Blackout may beat some species back some, but it's not that effective IMO for these.

Tom Barr

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