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[APD] Re: BGA Control - Blackout vs. Antiobiotics.

I agree that the BGA outbreaks that I mentioned is caused by an imbalance
between the nutrients being released from the substrate and the minimal
needs of a newly planted aquarium.

However, in my experience (which might not be typical), if left untreated
the BGA will spread and smother the plants before they grow enough to
consume the excess nutrients.  A blackout and water change will get rid of
the BGA, but the nutrients will continue to be released before the plants
grow, so the cycle will repeat.

Using the antibiotic gives the plants a chance to get started and combat the
BGA naturally.

As I said, there is little or no evidence that antibiotic-resistant bacteria
have resulted from aquarium treatments.
And if one day one did, it probably wouldn't have any impact on anything,
based on the experience that we have had with the many kinds of resistant
bacteria that we harbor.

So I guess it is mainly a "Green" argument.that favors the blackout


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