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Re: [APD] CO2 tank question

You want a tank with a valve on it that is called a CGA
320. That specifies a valve for CO2 -- it defines a size,
thread, etc.  A CGA 320 valve should only be put on a tank
made to DOT specs for compressed CO2. Any honest venodr
would have it no other way. The gas refil shop, if they
want to keep their certification and their liability
insurance won't put CO2 into a tank not made for it. So
look for CGA 320 and you'll be all right.

You want a regulator with a a fitting on it made for a CGA
320 valve. You knew that was coming didn't you? The JBJ
item ought to come that way since it's a product made
specifically for folks like us. You do need to put a
sealing washer (usually nylon or fiber) in the socket when
you attach the regulator to the CO2 tank valve. The
regulator probalby comes with one. When you get your tank
refilled, buy a bunch -- they should only cost about a dime
and you're supposed to replace them each time to separate
the regulator from the valve. However, if you reuse them
several times, they aren't likely to leak, but you're not
supposed to reuse them.

Tanks made for diff kinds of gases have diff valves to
prevent accidentally mixing gases.

Since JBJ has the after-regulator parts all asembled you
won't have to buy any fittings to assemble those parts. All
you need to think about is how to hook up the airline to
the JBJ assembly (the assembly comes with a fitting on it
to fit the airline tubing) and what to do with the output
end of the tubing -- attach to a reactor or insert into
cansiter intake, airstone, etc.

Since the JBj comes with a solenoid that is closed except
with electrically swtiched on, you'll want a reliable timer
to turn the solenoid on in the daytime and off at night. If
you have timer for your lights -- just hook into that, and
you're all set.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Greg Idemoto <gidemoto at hotmail_com> wrote:

> I also bought a JBJ regulator from Aquariumplants.com and
> am waiting for it 
> to come in (also like the other poster, I'm converting
> from DIY CO2).
> My question is this:
> What kind of CO2 tank do I get? I know welding places
> sell tanks but can I 
> also used tanks from the fire extinguisher shop as well,
> or are they the 
> wrong type?
> Also, when I get the regulator, do I just screw it in or
> do I need some 
> fittings? Please LMK, I'm a pressurized CO2 newbie.

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